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smilescully's Journal

smile, scully: snapshots
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"What the hell was that all about?" she asked, annoyed.

"Picture time, Scully! Like at Disney World when they take your picture coming down Splash Mountain. It's supposed to help you preserve the memory."


layout by thefulcrum

(or i will!), 72 oz. steaks, 80th floor gift shop, about 45 minutes later, amateur magician uncles, ann taylor gift cards, asses in slings, big blue's canadian cousin, c'mon scully, charlie ahem charles, chicken-legged lizards, creepy stalker photos, doing maple science, feet on the pillows, flock of seagulls hair, gumballs, jagoff shoeshine tips, lighthouses, moby dick references, moire taffeta, monster hunting, msr, mulder, mulder you're nuts, my sister honors herself, not bad huh, not quite tradition, ogopogo, photobooths of not-angst, pictures, prioritizing drycleaning, proving you wrong, quarantine polaroids, ready to j-o-b, removing jackets indoors, rowboats, sad clown crying, sailor scully, scully, scully the bad liar, scully's hair, secret handshakes, significant glances, sports injuries, sunglasses in the poolhouse, super cute new partners, sympathizing with ghosts, that's not bigfoot, the eyebrow, ust, watch your asses, wind-up tin dragons